Eve, Eden, Virginity and Reckless Abandon

I just came from a forum where there was a lot of discussion regarding Eve and the Apple and the Garden of Eden – specifically, could she be held responsible for her action since she hadn’t yet eaten of the apple. Since the apple contained the knowledge of Good and Evil and she hadn’t eaten it yet, the poster reasoned, she didn’t have the capacity to understand that what she was doing was wrong.

Others, of course, countered that she was a grown woman and God had given her a direct instruction, etc., etc.. This whole discussion started my mind on a peculiar track.

I’m not a Christian, but my mother taught Sunday School when she was young. I remember a story of the uprising of Lucifer against God and how half the angels sided with Lucifer and half stayed with God. After some pretty hardcore fighting, one angel came back to God, because he decided he was on the wrong side after all. God made this angel the most revered of angels, because he had known temptation – even succumbed to it, but then made the decision to return to God.

The idea being that this angel had attained a higher level of obedience: not just innocent obedience – not knowing anything but devotion; but actually having been down the dark road and come back – the obedience of the adult. The choice of obedience. God held this in higher esteem, apparently.

What struck me about the discussion in the forum – and maybe this is because (or WHY) I’m not a Christian… everyone was discussing whether Eve was responsible for a terrible thing, or not responsible for a terrible thing….no one seems to be respecting her for her decision.

Eve was told one thing by God, and one thing by the serpent. She weighed them both, and made a decision. She decided to know. She decided to step out of childhood, out of the cradle. To walk the dark path, like that angel. Innocence must end if we want to attain a higher level of existance.

It’s like when we talk about “losing” our virginity, like it was a happenstance, an accident, a misstep. We never refer to it as “the first time I met someone I wanted to share myself with completely” or “the day I decided to claim my sexuality” or even “the first time I decided to have sex”. Losing your virginity sounds like we’re presupposing it was inadvertent and we wish we could take it back.

I didn’t lose my virginity – I threw it away.

Rather enthusiastically, I might add.

Mmmmm….with reckless abandon!

Eve, you go girl! I’m with ya!




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