Ferraro, Racism & being Baffled by Americans

I thought this was interesting…

The American media is up in arms regarding a comment made by former Vice Presidential Nominee Geraldine Ferraro. She apparently said in an interview that Barak Obama would not be in the position that he is now were he not black. She said that he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he has on the experience and with the resume he’s got at such a young age if he were white. She apparently said he is “lucky” he is who he is.

Of course, everyone is calling the comments racist and Clinton (of whom Ferraro is a supporter) has disavowed the comments. Everyone is shocked and horrified that someone like Ferraro, who should have some political savvy, would say such things. Others, of course, are implying that the comment was calculated by the Clinton campaign as a slander that could be disseminated by her side, yet as she herself didn’t say it, still be disavowed. She gets to cut down Obama while keeping her hands clean.

What startled me (perhaps because I’m Canadian) is that I thought everyone would be angry because she called the American People racist. As soon as I heard about what she’d said I thought the pundits and the media would be all over her for accusing them of being racist. She basically accused the American people of voting for someone based on their race, the campaign contributors for giving their money to someone based on their race, and the media for being influenced in their coverage by a candidate’s race.

Yet they accused her of being a racist.

Almost every American I’ve ever met has been a great person, but I have to say they baffle me.



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