Why Not Write About Writer’s Block?

I’m afraid I’m not the type who enjoys reading about what people had for breakfast, or what they bought at the mall. The unfortunate result of this is that I feel I can’t write in my own blog unless I actually have something of substance to say. ~blech~

I have been plagued with writer’s block for quite some time now – which is serious as I am trying to make some headway freelancing online. I have started grinding my teeth at night – I wake up with blinding pain in all my teeth. The pain lances up into my eyes, into my ears and down my neck. This is a new thing for me and I can only think it has to do with my writing, as nothing else is bothering me so much.

I am still unemployed. I am truthfully holding out for a job that will start in late April, as it will provide both my husband and myself full medical and dental benefits, even though it’s only part time. I am becoming a shut in, though.

Maybe that’s why I have writer’s block.




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