Gluten-Free Cupcake Fun!

So! Before I try and modify existing recipes for my FructMal, I decided to make up a batch of cupcakes from a gluten-free (GF) mix and get a feel for how the batter feels and looks when you work with alternative flours.

I used THIS mix:
Bob's Red Mill GF Chocolate Cake Mix

Bob’s Red Mill has a lot of flours and mixes if you are trying to avoid wheat. I had heard from many people that when using alternative flour, it’s common to have it very well-done on the outside while still raw in the middle – so I did cupcakes!
This mix uses Garbanzo bean flour, fava bean flour, sorghum flour as well as leaveners etc.

The cupcakes were great! I thought they tasted just like the real thing, though my husband (who has a very discerning palate) said they didn’t taste exactly the same, but very, very good! I tossed a few chocolate chips on each one before they when in the oven!
Chocolatey fun:
Red Mill Cupcake Torn

The texture was bang on! Exactly like a “real” cupcake. The smell was good too. I’m glad I decided to do this because the texture of the dough when it was raw was very different from the batter I’m used to with wheat flour. It smelled very strongly of string beans! LOL! The finished product was great though, and I know as I do my experimenting how close you CAN get with alternative flour.

Can’t start though until I get xanthan or guar gum. These are in almost every GF recipe to replace the elasticity of gluten. hmmmm…..



2 responses to “Gluten-Free Cupcake Fun!

  1. Hi. I know you from the fructmal group (I’m the new vegetarian one who keeps asking about hemp milk :P)

    I wish we got Bobs Red Mill flours here. The only premix gluten free flour here always tastes kind of odd to me (it has a rice-y kind of texture to it too which is odd). Your cupcakes look delicious!

    Did you use dextrose or glucose as the sweetener or were they pre-sweetened?

  2. Hello! Good to see you!

    The mix comes pre-sweetened with evaporated cane syrup (which I believe is sucrose. I got no reaction from them, they weren’t very sweet – just enough!

    Tonight I have to bake for a potluck birthday party and I’m baking from scratch! I have a recipe for Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake that I will bake as cupcakes. I am replacing half the sugar with dextrose and replacing the flour with a blend of amaranth flour, tapioca flour and powdered hazelnuts (with a dash of xanthan gum).

    I’ll post the results! Wish me luck!


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