Wood! Anniversaries and bookshelves

Well, today is largely off for me – I’m giving myself a day off writing and baking because my sweetie and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary today!!

We’re not actually “married”, so we celebrate the anniversary of our first date (and since we moved in together a week later, it might as well have been our wedding, LOL!!).  We decided that since all our money is going into renovations we wouldn’t buy each other gifts, but traditionally the fifth anniversary is wood, so…  I think I’ll throw some more decking material on the Visa and call it his anniversary gift!

I’m also adding another link to my blog’s sidebar…. I’ve discovered Shelfari!  The idea is you create a profile for yourself which includes all the books you’ve read.. (and I’ve read some obscure books, but they were all in their database with cover art and everything!).  When people check out your profile, they see a virtual bookshelf with the books you’ve read on it. You can friend other people who’ve read the same books and join groups on shelfari.  Groups have their “recommended” virtual bookshelves.  You don’t have to have read those books to join, but checking out their selections really gives you a good idea about where they’re coming from as a group.

If you’re a reader, check it out!




3 responses to “Wood! Anniversaries and bookshelves

  1. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary.

  2. Rosiegirl! Are you my “peace and love” friend from back home?
    …and Thank You!


  3. yes I am

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