Getting Things Done! Yay, me!

I’ve finally replaced my blog’s generic header image (now that I have de-fracked my Photoshop!). I’m no graphic artist, but the image will do for now!

My first article on Fructose Malabsorption Disorder is finished and will be uploaded to my portfolio on Constant Content in the morning – then it will take a couple of days for the editor to approve posting it. I start my part-time job on Monday, so Tuesday I’ll start on the next article – something more in-depth.

I think my article on Self-Respect vs. Vanity will be polished soon, and I was inspired today looking at, of all things, a bottle of water. According to the “Nutrient Value” label on the side, water’s not very good for you! All the entries were of course, zero, zero, zero. Water after all, has no vitamins or minerals or carbs. It struck me that, while the Nutrient Value label on foods can tell you many things – it is not giving you the whole story. I’ll have to keep that article very focused though, goodness knows the “food nutrition” articles are a dime a dozen.

My novel is really coming along! Now that I have Photoshop back, I made myself a photo montage desktop wallpaper using images of my novel’s main characters, so each time I boot up the computer I see them. I am very visual. The actors I have mentally “cast” are David Andrews (JAG,CSI) as the male lead, Chris Mulkey as his brother (and the female lead’s former fiancee), Olivia Hussey/Seeta Indrani as the female lead, and Patrick Kilpatrick/Nick Chinlund/Zachary Quinto as the villain.

My latest wheat-free baking attempt was inedible again. ~sigh~

I will upload pics and write an entry tomorrow.




4 responses to “Getting Things Done! Yay, me!

  1. I love the new header image. You look fabulous, not that you would ever look anything else. Sorry to hear about the wheat free baking, I have every faith that you will soon be back to baking up a (now wheat free) storm. I look forward to reading your novel.

  2. Thanks, rosiegirl! I got a haircut! ~shock -gasp~
    When I take a straightening iron to it, it’s very… Posh Beckem. Y’know, short in back and long in front – longer on one side than the other – asymmetrical. It’s gotten collar length – so time for a recut.

    By the way, are you on Shelfari? Being in a book club, you might want to check it out! It’s in my links.


  3. Not on Shelfari yet. It still takes me a while to figure things out. Hope the job went well.

  4. Yes it did, thanks!
    I little intimidating that, as well as till I will be taught such things as cutting glass, mixing custom paint colours, key cutting etc… but at least it won’t be a boring job, right?

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