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Kinnikinnick Wheat-free cake mix…great!

Well, I made up the Kinnikinnick brand Gluten-free White Cake mix…

no photo because…well…it smelled REALLY good, and the camera was in the car. LOLOLOL!!!

I rate this highly.  Unlike the Bob’s Red Mill cake mix, which while good, did have a bit of a bean aftertaste (due to the prominence of chickpea flour), this mix had a slight cornbread scent and flavour which I liked more.

Good texture, very light.  I frosted it with chocolate pudding and topped it with a little shredded coconut.  My sweetie doesn’t have fructose malabsorption, so he doesn’t have to go wheat-free, but he loved it!

Check out the Kinnikinnick website!  They have a great selection and they have a Canadian and a US location – all the better for shipping, my dear!

I think tonight I’ll try the Celimix brand hamburger buns.  The GORGEOUS weather we’ve been having has my sweetie thinking about burgers!

Now, however is WRITING time!  An article for Constant Content, and some research on the saga of Gilgamesh!




Fructose Malabsorption Website now up!!

Well, I decided to do something about the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a Fructose Malabsorption website out there!

Fructose Malabsorption website

It’s very simple right now, but I look forward to photos, recipes (rather than just links!), more links to it and more links from it!  If you have something to add, even just a suggestion or a comment, let me know!

Further on the wheat-free front, the sandwich bread and pizza rounds I got from Kinnikinnick Foods are AWESOME!!  I very much recommend them!

I’m making the White Cake  Mix tonight!  Review and pics to come!



Updated the blog!

My blog now has a new page with a complete explanation of what Fructose Malabsorption is, the symptoms, the foodplan, etc!

Tried to make it both fun and informative!



I hate that I love writing….

My novel is severely starting to frustrate me.

I’ve tried taking solace in new projects: a couple of short stories for a website, an entry in the Gilgamesh Press contest… but I don’t like staying away from it for too long.

I tried working on it another way… losing myself in background research, hammering out my timeline…. nothing. I even tried just PRINTING the damn thing ( as it is probably a BAD thing that none of my work has been printed out. A crash would be evil!), but my printer cartridges were dried out and dead! Aargh!

My sweetie got them going again – enough to print out a readable copy of my work (and he has set my computer to print out a test page every week to keep the ink good)… so now I’m hoping that old fashioned editing with a red pen will help me regain my focus.

It’s been said by someone famous enough for me to quote (but not famous enough for me to remember his/her name) that a blank page cannot be edited. In other words, write it out and don’t worry if it’s crap at first. Crap can be fixed.

Let’s hope so.



Celimix, Almond Milk, gluten-free Safeway…

I had a rather delightful DUH! moment today!

My sweetie and I do almost all our grocery shopping at Safeway. Most things are more expensive, but the lighting is largely incandescent, the music is quiet, the store is clean and they have an awesome selection of organic food – not just produce but soups, pasta sauce, frozen stuff – you name it.

Why, why, why then was I surprised today to find they have had gluten-free bakery stuff all this time and I didn’t realize it? The Safeway bakery department has a wall of glass cabinets displaying fancy cakes and the like. Next to it is an upright freezer with boxes of frozen creampuffs, tartlet shells..AND A BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF I NEVER BOTHERED TO LOOK AT!!

hmmmm…. I wonder what those could be?

Here’s a clue: when gluten-free bread is baked, you always slice it as soon as it’s cooled and store it IN THE FREEZER! That’s right! My local Safeway has gluten-free bread, cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, pizza rounds…all from an Alberta company called Kinnikinnik.

YAY!!!! I bought bread and small pizza rounds!

I also found a new gluten-free mix at the health food store called Celimix brand. That had a zillion different kinds, and they don’t seem to rely on chickpea flour as much as Bob’s Red Mill does (which makes everything taste just a little like green beans). I bought the Hamburger bun mix – I’d like to give it a test run before BBQ season! Also, it uses very few ingredients, so maybe I’ll be able to recreate it from scratch!!

My mom has been telling everyone since the 1970’s that our diets were too restricted and all that wheat, peanuts, corn and soy was a bad idea. She has always advocated organic food and avoiding additives. I never SAW a cakemix or Jello or anything like that until I was an adult! Needless to say, she has quite the collection of cookbooks! She has lent me The All Natural Allergy Cookbook – Dairy-free and Gluten-free by Jeanne Marie Martin (1991) and The Food Intolerance Diet Book by E. Workman, Dr. V. Alun Jones, and Dr. J. Hunter (1986).

They both look really promising! The Carob/Chocolate cake looks very do-able and requires milk substitute. Though I have no problem with milk, I bought Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze almond milk. I want to make it according to the recipe before messing with it.

I think I need something to WORK to boost my ego!