I hate that I love writing….

My novel is severely starting to frustrate me.

I’ve tried taking solace in new projects: a couple of short stories for a website, an entry in the Gilgamesh Press contest… but I don’t like staying away from it for too long.

I tried working on it another way… losing myself in background research, hammering out my timeline…. nothing. I even tried just PRINTING the damn thing ( as it is probably a BAD thing that none of my work has been printed out. A crash would be evil!), but my printer cartridges were dried out and dead! Aargh!

My sweetie got them going again – enough to print out a readable copy of my work (and he has set my computer to print out a test page every week to keep the ink good)… so now I’m hoping that old fashioned editing with a red pen will help me regain my focus.

It’s been said by someone famous enough for me to quote (but not famous enough for me to remember his/her name) that a blank page cannot be edited. In other words, write it out and don’t worry if it’s crap at first. Crap can be fixed.

Let’s hope so.




5 responses to “I hate that I love writing….

  1. Don’t give up, write something, anything is better than nothing.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, mauthor!

    Your blogs are inspiring! Whenever I need motivation I shall visit!


  3. Thanks for visiting and you can comment on any post if you want. Hope you’re doing alright with your writing.

  4. The first sentence is usually the hardest. I echo what mauthor has stated. Just keep plugging away, I have faith that it will come. You are very talented.

  5. Thanks, rosiegirl!
    I’ve written a new page for the blog on my FructMal condition…there should be a clickable heading at the top of the page now.
    Thought it would get me back into the groove!

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