Fructose Malabsorption Website now up!!

Well, I decided to do something about the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a Fructose Malabsorption website out there!

Fructose Malabsorption website

It’s very simple right now, but I look forward to photos, recipes (rather than just links!), more links to it and more links from it!  If you have something to add, even just a suggestion or a comment, let me know!

Further on the wheat-free front, the sandwich bread and pizza rounds I got from Kinnikinnick Foods are AWESOME!!  I very much recommend them!

I’m making the White Cake  Mix tonight!  Review and pics to come!




16 responses to “Fructose Malabsorption Website now up!!

  1. Hi there,
    Just stumbled across your site…only discovered I have this condition yesterday…after 10 years of hell! Keep in touch…oh and my dietician recommended a great cookbook to me “Too Irisistable for the Irritable” By Sue Shephard

  2. Hi Becc!
    Glad to hear from you! I tried to check out your site (clicked on your name), but there’s no site there. If you’re putting up a blog or something keep me posted!

    How did you come to choose GoDaddy by the way? My FructMal website has outgrown googlepages and I have been looking for a host. Doesn’t have to be free – just reasonably priced, reliable and no ads!
    Let me know, eh?

    I have heard a lot of great things about Sue Sue Sheperd’s books! My book budget has been zero lately (which means my Shelfari presence is suffering 😦 LOL! ) Maybe I’ll put it on my Xmas list!

    What country do you live in? Most Fructmals I know who have heard of Sue are from Australia!


  3. thank for this is blog and the website! my boyfriend too is what we affectionately call a ‘fructy’ and we’re always on the look out for new stuff and this is all really helpful!

  4. Hi Jeanie!

    Glad you found me! I’m very happy to say the new and improved website is almost done and should launch in the next week (as long as RL doesn’t get in the way…..)

    “Fructy”? That’s kinda catchy! Is that a family term, or regional? What country are you from?

    Keep in touch,

  5. Try this site for a handy fructose malabsorption food guide.

    Link is broken

  6. Thanks Mary!

    Consider the link fixed!


  7. Hello & thank you for your website. My 3.5 yr old son was just diangosed with Fructose Malabsorption. We live in PA, USA. It’s very difficult to find reliable information about what he can and cannot eat. He’s still desperately craving his apples! 😦 I tried to give him a few segments of pink grapefruit yesterday, because I thought that grapefruit was safe, but seemed to make him sick again after a week of no symptoms. We’ll keep trying. We have a Gastro Nutritionist appointment next week to try to learn more. Thanks again for your site! I’m glad that we found you.

  8. My daughter was diagnosed with this last september…her birthday is tomorrow and i dont know what to do about a cake…I have never heard of this until she was diagnosed…and she has been sick since she was born and couldnt find out what was wrong with her…i came across your site when i typed in fructose free cake…im trying to find some recipes she will be 6 tomorrow and just dont understand why she cant eat the foods anymore…

  9. thanks so much for this- I have been suffering for years but it’s gotten intolerable the past couple of months and although awaiting confirmed diagnosis, pretty sure that it’s fructose malabsorbtion (which would explain why the past couple of months has been so bad- fruit overload!) Gah. I am fumbling in the dark right now. Going to check out your site…

  10. I’m so confused! I’m just starting the new diet and I don’t know what I can and can’t eat. So many contradictions in my research.

    I’ve been given the list from the dietitian which says no wheat, but what kinds??? I assume when I see flour on the ingredients list it contains wheat. If there is flour in the product and the flour contains wheat will it state wheat on the ingredients or a number that someone could help me with?

    A lot of the ingredient lists now just show numbers and I thought if I go gluten free I’ll be safe. No! Sometimes gluten can be extracted from wheat. I am so hungry all the time. Nothing fills me up. I’m eating all day without satisfaction. I think it would be much easier to be coeliac than have fructose malabsorption. At least then I’d just need to eat gluten free.

    My trouble with bread is that I cannot have rye either. I need to have pure spelt and I cannot find this anywhere. Contradiction on soy. Yes or no?

    This whole thing is really starting to get me down. I love food, especially onion, garlic, bread and sweets. All the nice wheat free baked biscuits I’ve found have inulin in them.

    Help me!!!

    • Welcome Kerryn! You are not alone!

      Firstly, where do you live? I have never heard of ingredients lists that are just numbers! Here in Canada that would actually be illegal.
      I will try and address all your concerns:
      1) If it just says “flour”, assume it’s wheat just to be safe.
      2) Remember you have no problem with gluten. Wheat contains chains of fructose molecules which end in a single glucose molecule. These chains are called “fructans”. Fructan chains are the reason we cannot eat wheat – nothing to do with gluten. That said, cruising the stores for items that say “gluten-free” is a great way to seek out new foods as they WILL be wheat-free! Remember though, they may still have things we cannot eat like brown rice.
      3) NO SPELT!! EVER!! Whoever told you that you could have Spelt was MISINFORMED and doesn’t know what they are talking about. Spelt (and kamut while we’re on the subject) ARE wheat. They have become a fashionable “wheat substitute” for the hippy crowd… but they are an alternative to MODERN wheat. Spelt and kamut are both ancient forms of the wheat plant, but they ARE wheat. For someone who has no problem with wheat, but wants to move away from modern, engineered, mass produced grains, spelt and kamut are great. But they ARE wheat!
      What CAN you have? Buckwheat is NOT a wheat. You should be fine with oats as well – VERY few fructmal have problems with oats. Corn flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, rice flour, sweet or glutinous rice flour… many more.
      4) My info is that soy is fine. I find soy disgusting, so I have no personal info on that! LOL!
      5) If “nothing fills you up”, you could try several strategies. First, make sure your body is not demanding more and more food because it is missing nutrients. Very often when we switch to a new food plan, we lose our sources of key vitamins and minerals. Look at what you have given up and ask yourself what these foods contributed to your diet. Vitamin C? B? Calcium? Make sure you are getting what you need from your new food plan.
      You may literally be eating less that before. If you need to just snack to fill up, try popcorn, mashed potatoes, white rice, oatmeal or a cereal that is fructmal friendly (I like Glutino brand Honey Nut O’s). It could also be that you just can’t stop thinking about all the foods you can’t have all the time and it makes you feel hungry. We all have to create our own strategies for this, but I try and imprint the foods I miss onto mental images of pain. I think about strawberry shortcake so intently I can almost smell the strawberries, then I think about diarrhea, abdominal pain, bursting into tears over vacuuming, etc. Over time, I’ve found I can sit next to someone having a treat I used to LOVE and feel nothing towards it but distaste.
      This strategy isn’t for everyone, but mental imagery CAN help you in changing how you related to things – you can think of many ways to use imagery creatively.

      I hope this has helped a little! Please comment with anymore questions…

      • Sorry, but HONEY is a No-No. You mentioned honey nut cereal, and Honey contains fructose, and is NOT recommended. Please be careful about the info you post. The other stuff you posted was good.

  11. Avril,
    Thank you for working up the fructmal info. I am looking forward to learning more about my new diagnosis. Do you know what might cause left upper quadrant pain or spleen pain with a person recently diagnosed with SIBO/fructose malabsorption? By the way, I am currently on a strict HFI diet and I’m losing the bloat.

  12. Thank you! I consider myself an “expert patient”

    especially after receiving the diagnosis of Celiac Disease three years ago. Under the care of Tom Malterre CN, I began to experience dramatic improvement in disabling symptoms within two weeks of beginning a very strict Elimination Diet.
    I now can honestly say, I know how hard it is to find good information on the internet!
    Please, please understand how much I appreciate the work you have done and do to produce and maintain this site. It is beyond value.
    I feel so fortunate to have found your site after only a month of starting the the FM diet.
    (slowly “reassigning passions”)

  13. My 15 yo daughter was diagnosed with FM in October 09. In December 09, we saw a doc who told us that FM was caused by an underlying problem. After several tests and finding other food sensitivities, it was discovered that my daughter had a systematic yeast infection (candida in her intestines). So he had her go on a detox diet that eliminated everything she was sensitive to for a couple of months. Slowly, she was allowed to reintroduce foods. Now 6 months later and nearly done with the diet (still no gluten, yeast, and processed sugars), she seems cured. She has been eating lots and lots of fruits w/o any problem. This doc told me of other patients diagnosed with FM that he has cured. It may be worth looking into. BTW, this doc does not follow conventional medicine…more of a natural approach. My daughter was also on probiotics, enzymes, and several different vitamins and minerals. She was also very deficient in Vit. D even though she used to drink lots of milk and was outside a lot. He said she was unable to absorb the D in milk due to the yeast infection.

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