Wheatless Dark Chocolate Roll….from YouTube’s everythingdarkchocol

Whew! Back online!

Microsoft weirdness had me off the computer for awhile, but I think we’re good now.

I have been working a lot at my part-time job lately, as a couple of people were away and they needed me to pick up the shifts. I realize how much I’ve missed the writing time! It has also been far too hot here for me to do any baking… 😦

Before the heatwave I did get some wheatless burger buns done from a mix by Celimix. They’re not bad at all! Will post pics next time! Just in time, too, as we now own a GRILL!

In the meantime, I am posting this terrific vid I found on YouTube. The poster is “everythingdarkchocol” and the recipe looks awesome! She hasn’t tagged it as wheatfree, but it is!

Flourless Dark Chocolate Roll filled with Chocolate Ganache:





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