Monthly Archives: August 2008

Checkin’ in from the Road…

My husband and I have been at the home of his sister and her husband (and baby) for the last couple of days.  After getting home, I will post some pics from the trip!

The local grocery had some new wheat-free options!  I tried the wheat-free hamburger buns from Glutino and they weren’t bad!  The ones I baked from the Celimix mix were softer and less crumbly – but perhaps if I steamed the frozen Glutino buns rather than just letting them sit on the counter to thaw…..

The weather has been blazing hot – not a cloud in the sky.  Having grown up in the desert I love it!  The fact that my novel is set in Nevada…. I’m really feeling the characters!  I’m sorry this post isn’t more substantive, but I wanted to “check in”!

More about the trip next post!