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Trip pics and New Site Update

Well, it’s taken me some time to upload my pics from our trip to the sis-in-law’s, but here are the randomly selected ones that don’t show anyone’s face!

Yup, I’m one of those bloggers that doesn’t like to put up pics or info that’s too personal. I know the big thing is social networking sites, and that everyone seems to put up personal details, candid photos, even their address!…….yah…NO.

We started out early, so ended up having breakfast on the road! Great little place with a lovely patio.

The drive was beautiful and relaxing!

A very “Canadian” sign posted at the exit of a Tim Horton’s (doughnut shop) drive-thru:

I’m a junkie for “sun breaking through the clouds” shots:

It was a fun and relaxing trip. Tried some Glutino brand gluten-free hamburger buns…very crumbly. I did bring the rest home with me and I’ll use them for any recipe that calls for breadcrumbs. I’m also going to try thawing them out by lightly steaming them – perhaps they just need moisture.

If you get a chance to try Glutino’s Sesame breadsticks, though….TERRIFIC! My husband even likes them and he can eat wheat just fine.

Well, I’m off to finish up the new and improved fructose malabsorption website! I’ve got a new host, and I’m almost finish the HTML. I’m very excited about it! If you haven’t checked out my original website, please do!

Fructmal Website




As my fructose malabsorption has given me a food sensitivity to wheat, spelt and kamut, I have been trying to look on it as an opportunity to expand my grain horizons. Quinoa, however, has proved intimidating. Don’t know why really. The local co-op deli usually has some kind of cold quinoa salad that I always end up liking, and my mother has been making tabouli salad with quinoa FOREVER.

Well, last time I was wandering through the health food store I picked up a “brand name” packet of quinoa. I’d always seen it in bulk before with no instructions or guidance. This had the directions of how to cook it on the box and handy-dandy recipe suggestions…..and it just clicked for me!

One cup of quinoa to two cups of water in a pot – cover and bring to boil, then reduce to simmer until all water is gone.

That’s rice.

I can cook rice!!!!

The last two rice dishes I’ve done now – a spicy Spanish Rice thing and rice & chili, I substituted half the rice with quinoa. Just put them in the pot together and cooked them together with salt and pepper and butter in the water.

Came out a DREAM! My sweetie liked it too! YAY!!

If you eat rice, try quinoa – just throw some in with your rice. It cooks at the exact same rate, in the exact same way.

Happy, happy,