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Hi Sammie!!! (imagine me waving!)

This post is to welcome my good friend Sammie on her first visit to my blog!

Sammie and I have been friends since elementary school.  She is now married, with kids and the whole she-bang… and lives AAAALLL the way in Ontario  😦   (that’s a sad face, Sammie!)

I am a LAZY BUM and do not call her NEARLY often enough… well basically never?  Not never!!  Well….  I have to say I’m AWFUL at keeping in touch.  Always have been.    ~sigh~~

So…. leave a comment so I know you found the place, eh Sam?  Just check at the end of this message… There should be a place where it says 0 Comments (or maybe it will say 1 Comment, if someone left a comment already.  Click those words and you’ll get to read whatever comments other people have left, and there will be a box to leave your own!  Don’t forget to sign it “Sammie”!





Congratulations America on your Choice

Yes!  Still alive!

It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I blogged – there is really no excuse for it.  True, I’ve been sick, working, crocheting my brains out for Xmas gifts and trying to get the new, revamped fructose malabsorption site up…. but I still should’ve blogged.

What moves me from my procrastinating is my happiness and satisfaction at the election of Barack Obama in the United States.  I hope he will be very good for their country, and feel sure he will be better for Canada than McCain would’ve been.  Obama strikes me as a thoughtful person who truly thinks about a question before answering and makes an honest effort to see others’ points of view.  In my humble opinion,  he has the potential to greatly improve how America is perceived around the world.

America is often referred to as the “policemen of the world”.  Though this is frequently said derisively, I think Obama could make it into a compliment.  My father was RCMP Auxiliary for many years when I was young, and a HUGE portion of policing is reconciliation.  Police are often the neutral third party who calm disagreements before they get out of hand, the voice of reason when people are letting anger and wounded pride take them down a path they wouldn’t normally go, or the uniformed reminder that actions – even those you can justify – have consequences.

Places like Georgia, Congo and the seemingly-now-forgotten Burma “could” benefit from such a third party.  Obama has the potential to make America the policeman you want to call when you are in trouble, and not the cop you fear.

I wish America good luck with their new leader,