Hi Sammie!!! (imagine me waving!)

This post is to welcome my good friend Sammie on her first visit to my blog!

Sammie and I have been friends since elementary school.  She is now married, with kids and the whole she-bang… and lives AAAALLL the way in Ontario  😦   (that’s a sad face, Sammie!)

I am a LAZY BUM and do not call her NEARLY often enough… well basically never?  Not never!!  Well….  I have to say I’m AWFUL at keeping in touch.  Always have been.    ~sigh~~

So…. leave a comment so I know you found the place, eh Sam?  Just check at the end of this message… There should be a place where it says 0 Comments (or maybe it will say 1 Comment, if someone left a comment already.  Click those words and you’ll get to read whatever comments other people have left, and there will be a box to leave your own!  Don’t forget to sign it “Sammie”!





3 responses to “Hi Sammie!!! (imagine me waving!)

  1. I’m beginning to think that one of the best things about blogs is the ability to reconnect with people we may have lost touch with and connect with people we may never meet in person. In essence a community that need not ever see me first thing in the am.

  2. Alexandria Golding

    Ok who the heck is Sammie and why do I not remember her if we went to grade school together? Anyway, still waiting for you to answer my messages… and not so patiently now , as I have been waiting for a long time. Did you disown me or something? AAAAA!!! It’s definitely way easier to keep in touch on facebook!!

    • OMG!!!! HELLO!!!!!

      Yes, my tendonitis has kept me off the net a lot! I just now saw your messages!
      Are you in contact with Joy? I am! If you need her email I will send it to you in an email. I don’t want to post it publicly.
      “Sammie” is the name our friend asked me to call her on public boards like this. She wore her hair in a LONG braid and now lives back east…… remember her now?
      I’m so glad to hear from you! I am not on Facebook,, (yes, yes, the last person on Earth my sister and brother say)
      I will email you so you will get my hotmail address!

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