Monthly Archives: February 2009

Xmas was insane, but I love the tree….


My insane Christmas season is over and this insane winter will soon be over! We were almost completely snowed in twice! Aaah!

I feel horrible about not posting, but I have thrown myself into writing and crocheting so I don’t feel TOTALLY bad!

My novel is finally moving forward. It sucks – but that’s okay. I keep reminding myself that the important thing is to get SOMETHING on paper. A blank page cannot be edited – or so they say – so blankness be gone!

I have also been trying to put the revamped fructmal website together – writing the html myself from scratch – yes… that means no “frontpage” no wysiwygs… just notepad. Ugh!
I think making all the pages of the wordpress would be easier – then people can comment on all the articles, recipes, etc.
So now I have to redo it all – again.

I have yet to take down my Christmas tree…this happens every year. I just adore it too much! BUT, I did promise my sweetie it would be down before Valentine’s Day…. so I’d better do it soon!