Tendonitis better – Fructmal-friendly treats – SciAm article

My tendonitis behaving VERY well (thanks to this wonderful gizmo my sweetie bought me), so I’ve been working through my accumulated emails and wordpress responses! I apologize to anyone who has written and thinks I dropped off the planet – I just dropped off the ‘Net for awhile!

I wanted to draw attention to a great article in Scientific American on Celiac Disease. You can read it online here.

Though Celiac and Fructmal are very different, the article paints a hopeful picture for all of us with food intolerances. The article explains the advancements and new ways of thinking currently moving science forward in the way they look at food intolerances and their relationship to many ailments and symptoms that would seem unrelated. The article may be about celiac, but the shift in scientific & medical thinking was a really positive and hopeful sign to me as a Fructmal.

The the foody side, I recently discovered two new foods. Jordan’s brand Morning Crisp cereal and Glutino brand Pretzels.

There are a couple of varieties of Jordan’s Morning Crisp. My local grocery store had the “nut” kind. Sweet oat clusters and big chunks of nuts! Almond, hazelnuts, pecans… no wheat! They recently replaced it on the shelf though with the FRUIT and nut type… I’m going to see about THAT!! HA! I loved the cereal and had no reaction to it.

The Glutino pretzels were also delicious. Taste just like regular, ordinary pretzels! Turns out I can’t continue eating them – but not for Fructmal reasons…totally unrelated. I am particularly sensitive to carboxymethyl cellulose. I get heart palpatations – and the Glutino pretzels contain it. But if you aren’t sensitive to it (carboxymethyl cellulose is in all “freeze-pop” type frozen treats, for example) then GREAT! Taste, texture, small, all match the “real” pretzel experience!

Well, gotta go. Still can’t over do it~


6 responses to “Tendonitis better – Fructmal-friendly treats – SciAm article

  1. How did you discover the connection between carboxymethyl cellulose and your heart palpitations? I’m sensitive to medications and some immediately cause my heart to dance (one actually caused chest pain) but something like THAT… how did you figure it out?

    • Hi Joyce!

      Actually it was kinda weird. It was a VERY hot, hot summer and I was grocery shopping and spotted the freezepops in the freezer section. I hadn’t had a freezepop since I was a kid, and the idea of having some in the freezer at home was very appealing (no air conditioning! LOL).
      I had… oh goodness, probably 4 the first day and the next day… Hot sweaty bloom over my body quickly following by a cold bloom and my heart racing! As my sister always had allergies, our households reaction to a weirdness in the body was always, “OK, what have you been eating?”…… so my brain just did that instinctively! Freezepops were the only thing that I’d been eating that were out of the norm for me. So I waited a week and ate 3 or 4.. Yup, same thing the next day.
      I read tyhe label and, yah, there were LOTS of 50cent words on the label, but stuff I knew I’d eaten in other things before… y’know: polysorbate 80, carageenan, …blah, blah, blah, but I’d never heard of carboxymethylcellulose. I was working in a bookstore at the time and looked it up in one of the food additive books in the reference section… not listed! So I tried the medical reference! It was listed as a heart medication!

      Turns out it’s used in all frozen treats that you squeeze out of their wrapper (rather than being on a stick), like freezepops. It apparently gives them that “sandy/mealy” texture… whereas treats on a stick like popsicles has a “fiberous” frozen structure. If you think about biting into a popsicle, you can see the icy “fibres” radiating from the stick outwards. It kinda makes me nervous that this stuff is in a treat that children eat!


  2. I am looking for an ALLERGIST IN TORONTO Canada who is aware of the
    I don’t want a doctor who has no clue, and tell me it’s in my head, or there is no scientific proof…..
    I want to ask my family doctor to refer me.
    If you know of a doctor please tell me!

  3. FructMal-Tendonitis sufferer here! I have really severe tendonitis in my knees 😦 I was diagnosed with it when I was 14, and went to a spew of doctors, PTs over it. At 17 my specialist wanted me to undergo surgery 😦 My parents weren’t up for that so they drove me from my little town in the middle of no where to Sac, CA to see one of the best knee-physicians in the country. He took a few looks at me and sent me to his personal PT, who then instructed me to do something very strange- Rub the inflamed tendon REALLY REALLY HARD. As hard as you physically can, and then put uncovered ice to it. Now this sounds crazy, but apparently it is the current leading cure for tendonitis, and the PT had a very easy time finding tendonitis patients that worked in the office who had been cured through this method.
    So about the first 25 times of this, the pain will be so intense you’re going to want to vomit, and may feel faint- however after 25 times or so, you get used to it, and it is significantly less intense. Then, soon, there is less pain. Pretty much, I went from constantly wearing 2 knee-braces on each knee (so 4 total) every morning, to no braces at all, within about a month or so.
    Now some other things came up in my life that switched me life around and I had to let go of rubbing/icing every day- I still experience discomfort in my knees, but never the overwhelming pain I was dealing with for about 3 years.
    Also, as a more ill-legit piece of advice; smoke pot. When I was younger I had told a friend about how much pain I was in, and she insisted- I got high for the first time, and was overwhelmed with how ‘good’ my knees suddenly seemed to feel, and I cried coming down because the old, horrible pain I had been dealing with merged back, leaving me to bandage myself. Now, granted when I was a teen I did less of that, teens shouldn’t smoke pot, makes them act stupid. However in the past year or so as fructmal has taken hold, and then reared a very, very ugly head with me before being diagnosed- pot was incredibly helpful. I wouldn’t have been able to go to work, as I was always had very tender tummy and always nauseated (also, I work in food service, NAUSATED + FOOD==NOT A FOOD SERVICE WORKER)- I also finished out the term with a 3.0, (which is decent stuff in my book) something that I definitely wouldn’t have been able to manage considering the condition I was in. I truly believe that pot can be used responsibly to be an incredibly effective medicine, and would really recommend you acquire some if you’re having a particularly off day. (However, don’t get me wrong, I also know enough people who use it to run away from their lives, and then it’s just an unhelpful escape. You just have to know the reasons in yourself, and then no worries 🙂 )

  4. Man, I wish those fructose-friendly treats were available in Australia. It’s so hard finding stuff! I think you have it quite a bit better in America 😦

  5. I just found your blog and have been catching up on your postings. My daughter was recently diagnosed with this and I am super confused about the sugar part of this. I have switched from wheat and found that she can tolerate cantaloupe and bannanas but sweets with sugar I was told she should not have. Your recipes and posts talk about table sugar and chocolate. Is this ok? We have been afraid to try it cause with kids saying yes than no can be terrible. We have “special treats” and she sneaks cookis at school than wakes in the night screaming with terrible cramps. Can u explain the actual sugar part of this vs the fructose part? Like many of the readers, I have found little information differentiating these. Thanks!!

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