Thank You Twisted Tomato!

Just a quick shout of thanks to a GREAT restaurant!!

If your travels bring any of you, as they have me, to Nelson BC, eat at the Twisted Tomato!

My hubby and I were there the other night because they have Gluten Free pizza crusts (made with white rice flour) and gluten free pasta!

I had the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza (hold the onions). It was FANTASTIC! I’ve missed pizza SO much!! The crust was thin, tender, and terrific! Even my hubby agreed! Thought about taking a photo with my phone – but that would’ve involved stopping eating!

I saved three pieces for the next day – as I’ve always LOVED cold pizza. I wanted to see how the crust stood up to a day in the fridge. The answer? Great! This is now going to be a fave for me when I’m in Nelson, and apparently they’re opening in nearby Trail!

I haven’t tried they’re pasta yet, I’ll blog when I do!



3 responses to “Thank You Twisted Tomato!

  1. Hi, I’m learning a lot, thanks for the info.

    I just got a positive on the breath test. I’ve been doing gluten free for about 18 months. The symptoms were not as bad, but still very uncomfortable.

    A lot of gluten free stuff is sweetened with fruit juice, so it makes sense now. I just threw away some expensive products, but I’m actually feeling better.

    So how are you with tomatoes. I tried a pizza that was made with a cheese crust and did not tolerate it very well. I also have had gluten free pasta with tomato sauce and did not do so well with that.

    And the fructan thing is really interesting. I tested negative for celiac but did not give up the gluten free because it helped.

    Thanks again,

    Gerry Rowland

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out what ” natural flavors ” are. I think diet Dr. Cherry Pepper is a no no.

  3. i was told to avoid tomatoes. and sauce made with them.

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