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Dad home from hospital and doing much better..

I would like to thank everyone for all their continued interest in my blog, and apologize for being missing in action. This time it has not been my tendonitis (which has actually been doing rather well), but real life that has kept me away…

My Dad went into the hospital with his fourth heart attack. He then had a fifth and sixth heart attack while in the hospital. Our community hospital decided to send him to a larger city centre, so he was ambulanced five hours to the nearest big city hospital.

He was supposed to get an angiogram and then an angioplasty… well after days and days of every test OTHER than an angiogram – they decided they need to do surgery on his three aneurysms!

He tried to explain that we’d addressed this issue years ago, and an expert in Vancouver had told him NEVER to have surgery…. but this was difficult for him to explain – he was head injured in 1979 and isn’t good with details, dates and those specific particulars that doctors like – AND he’s 75, so they didn’t listen to him and kept pressuring him that the aneurysms needed surgery and they were “pretty sure he’d be okay”!!! AAaaahh!

With none of us there, my family was communicating with doctors over the phone – Dad was alone there – they STILL hadn’t done the angiogram that had apparently been SOOOO important that they ambulanced him all that way for it….. it has been very stressful and anxious for all of us.

Dad finally said to blazes with all of it – I’m checking myself out of here and going home… my brother and his wife drove there to get him … and now he has nitro spray and a prayer!

Needless to say, my blog has received less attention. BUT! he’s home, he’s taking it easy, and everything’s going to be okay, right?

I am going to be responding to my backlog of comments as batches, and will respond to everyone in as timely a manner now as possible!

Thanks for your interest everyone,