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Eating on the Road!

Aaargh! Just – LITERALLY – just got back from a three day sojourn with my DH… embarked upon it with less than a day’s notice, but was well worth it!

Once a year, a friend of mine I went to school with since – oh god! Grade three? Yes! Grade Three right through to grad – she comes back from Toronto to see her family. This is my chance to see her and I take it whenever I can!

DH and I drove down to my hometown (about 5 to 6 hours) Friday, camped there, spent Saturday afternoon with her, camped, then drove back today. I got a new outfit – GORGEOUS (which DH chose) – yarn for my crocheting (from a yarn store in the CITY!! Squee!!!) and got to see my friend!

DH got….. a road trip and my eternal devotion and gratitude.

So, I get a lot of posts asking what I eat, so this is it – no great recipes…. it was a quick road trip with hastily thrown-together camping gear!

We drank coffees in the car – had bottled water – and MEANT to bring a bag of baby carrots for munching! But you-know-who (yes, moi) forgot them.
Sunflower seeds are good too.
If you don’t forget them ….. well, they’re still good if you forget them – they’re just good in the ABSTRACT, which is less fun.

Lunch on the road at a Mom & Pop type diner (hit those if you can – very often food is homemade and they actually KNOW what’s in it)! I had chicken rice soup (I was assured it had no wheat – and it did not bother me) and a side of fries.
(I do fries a LOT on the road because potatoes like me and every restaurant has them. Some fructmals can’t do potato. Follow your own body’s dictates. We are all different.)
Coffee and ice water to drink.

Supper at the campsite was a tad pathetic. We forgot a lot of stuff at home, it was getting dark quickly and we were very tired.
Western Family brand beef patties. Ingredients: Beef.
Yep. We even had to salt and pepper it ourselves – s & p we procured at Wendy’s on the way to the campsite, since we FORGOT the s & p – so we bought fries as an excuse to raid the condiments station.
Sorry Wendy’s.
You have good fries, though!
……….. where was I? Aaha! Burger patties and rice. With tea to drink.
I told you it was pathetic.

Breakfast was eggs and – we forgot the bacon – so we chopped up the smoked turkey (which HAD to be eaten SOON) and tossed in the leftover rice for breakfast turkey fried rice (seasoned courtesy of Wendy’s.). DH cannot believe I am admitting this stuff on a blog. LOL!

We had lunch at a restaurant called Montana’s. I had the Garden Salad – hold the croutons and their “side order” of two skewers of garlic butter grilled shrimp (three shrimp per skewer). I asked for the garlic lemon vinaigrette on the side. I tried a touch and it seemed okay. If in doubt, just ask for a cruet of vinegar and a cruet of olive oil. Add salt and pepper (you won’t have to raid a Wendy’s for it – just use what’s on your table!).

Supper was DH and I and my school chum. She suggested a mexican place we used to go to – for old time’s sake. I was VERY relieved as hard tacos work for me. All the hard tacos I have so far encountered have been corn flour. No wheat! I am good with corn in moderation, so it was hard tacos, with those little potato things that are shaped like corks… tater tots? The restaurant has a catchy texi-mexi name for them but they’re just tater tots. Coffee, water, hot sauce, talking about old times!

Breakfast was eggs and cereal (I DIDN’T FORGET IT! YAY ME!) and tea as well (DH is Irish). Lunch on the drive home was at a pub in downtown Revelstoke. Beautiful place! I got the Grilled Chicken Bacon cheeseburger and the ubiquitous fries (y’know it only took me two tries to spell ubiquitous!?!) – hold the bun.
Coffee and ice water again.

DH and I shared an ice cream. My tolerance for sucrose is better than before and I can indulge a little again. DH has a gallstone, so he enjoys the cone more than the ice cream – so it’s a symbiotic thing. I get a little ice cream, he gets a little ice cream and the cone!

Well, not very exciting, kinda embarrassing for me actually, but I figure no one eats in ideal circumstances all the time, right? We all have to eat crappy and/or repetitive food on the road sometimes. We all need to figure out something when we’re hungry and the only place to eat it not ideal.



Fixing the Unsubscribe Issue!

Hi all!

I have gotten a response from the WordPress Gods!! YAY!

They say that the subscribe option on my blog should only be accessible to others wordpress bloggers (which I didn’t know).

For a wordpresser to unsubscribe, they should go here:

They also said however that the subscriber could also “click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email”. I HAD specified there was apparently no such link and have responded to Support’s email reiterating that.

If you are a wordpresser, this link should work. If there is anyone who is having this issue who is NOT a wordpresser, please let me know! Support is going on the premise that the only folks able to subscribe are folks who have WordPress blogs themselves.

Let me also mention that any large batches of notifications have been that my long absence required me to approve a HUGE number of comments all in one shot. This should not be an ongoing thing.

Thanks to everyone for understanding the inevitable glitches of cyberspace! LOL!! Let me know if there are anymore issues!


Yay! My return to the blogosphere!

As is perfectly obvious, it’s been a long time since I have posted. My father’s health has been deteriorating and my focus has been on RL and my family. Obviously, I have been visiting the internet, but I have been shying away from writing my thoughts, y’know?

Well, things have evened out a little – he is not getting better, but our family has changed gears and we are focussing now on enjoying our time together instead of frantically trying to stave off the inevitable. It’s still stressful, but it’s a different kind of stress – and has allowed an emotional equilibrium.

I am, frankly, OVERWHELMED by the comments waiting for me! I had no idea so many people found my posting helpful!
I am going to be approving them all to get them up, and reply as I can.

I have finally been doing a little more fructmal baking, I have had two of my crochet patterns published in magazines, my hubby took me to see EDDIE IZZARD LIVE IN VANCOUVER ( !!!!!!!!!!!! ), so I have some posting to do!
Rather than subject everyone to a couple of teal deer (LOL) I will break them up over the next couple of days.

Thanks for all your interest!