Fixing the Unsubscribe Issue!

Hi all!

I have gotten a response from the WordPress Gods!! YAY!

They say that the subscribe option on my blog should only be accessible to others wordpress bloggers (which I didn’t know).

For a wordpresser to unsubscribe, they should go here:

They also said however that the subscriber could also “click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email”. I HAD specified there was apparently no such link and have responded to Support’s email reiterating that.

If you are a wordpresser, this link should work. If there is anyone who is having this issue who is NOT a wordpresser, please let me know! Support is going on the premise that the only folks able to subscribe are folks who have WordPress blogs themselves.

Let me also mention that any large batches of notifications have been that my long absence required me to approve a HUGE number of comments all in one shot. This should not be an ongoing thing.

Thanks to everyone for understanding the inevitable glitches of cyberspace! LOL!! Let me know if there are anymore issues!



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