Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Job Roller Coaster

So much going on! My DH’s job ended a few weeks ago – a job he’s had for about 15 years (boss retired and closed the business). We are looking at this as an opportunity for him to retrain, switch gears and reassess. All good things….. it’s just paying the bills, eh? Stocking up on groceries and watching for sales to wisely spend that last paycheck is doubly hard when you’re buying special bread, special cereal, etc, etc. Kinda makes me feel guilty, which might be why I’ve become such an INSANE coupon clipper! ~sigh~

When I lost my job last time, it took eight weeks for unemployment insurance to kick in. Yikes. DH is hoping to have things rolling quicker as he has all his paperwork from a local employer – I’d had to wait for stuff to come from America.

So…… it’s been TWICE as much of a wonderful shock to find I have been promoted!! Yay!!
So long cash register!! I have been doing all the window displays for our hardware store for awhile now, as well as doing the ordering for the Decor department and doing all the layouts and shelf displays for Decor (in addition to my primary job as a cashier). So I am being transferred to our sister store here in town – the building centre – to replace the soon-to-be-leaving Kitchen Designer!
I have always LOVED home design and house plans – creating rooms that are functional and beautiful – but I’ve never been trained in it! My training will begin this coming week, and I will split my weeks between training some days and doing my cashier duties at the hardware store other days, until a cashier can be hired to replace me. Then it’s FULL TIME as a trainee Kitchen Designer! When the present Designer does eventually leave, I will replace her!!

So exciting! I feel a little sick! I keep having dreams about showing up for work with no pants on!


I am baking a delightful fructmal-friendly chocolate cake tomorrow! I will let you know how it turns out!