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The Job Roller Coaster

So much going on! My DH’s job ended a few weeks ago – a job he’s had for about 15 years (boss retired and closed the business). We are looking at this as an opportunity for him to retrain, switch gears and reassess. All good things….. it’s just paying the bills, eh? Stocking up on groceries and watching for sales to wisely spend that last paycheck is doubly hard when you’re buying special bread, special cereal, etc, etc. Kinda makes me feel guilty, which might be why I’ve become such an INSANE coupon clipper! ~sigh~

When I lost my job last time, it took eight weeks for unemployment insurance to kick in. Yikes. DH is hoping to have things rolling quicker as he has all his paperwork from a local employer – I’d had to wait for stuff to come from America.

So…… it’s been TWICE as much of a wonderful shock to find I have been promoted!! Yay!!
So long cash register!! I have been doing all the window displays for our hardware store for awhile now, as well as doing the ordering for the Decor department and doing all the layouts and shelf displays for Decor (in addition to my primary job as a cashier). So I am being transferred to our sister store here in town – the building centre – to replace the soon-to-be-leaving Kitchen Designer!
I have always LOVED home design and house plans – creating rooms that are functional and beautiful – but I’ve never been trained in it! My training will begin this coming week, and I will split my weeks between training some days and doing my cashier duties at the hardware store other days, until a cashier can be hired to replace me. Then it’s FULL TIME as a trainee Kitchen Designer! When the present Designer does eventually leave, I will replace her!!

So exciting! I feel a little sick! I keep having dreams about showing up for work with no pants on!


I am baking a delightful fructmal-friendly chocolate cake tomorrow! I will let you know how it turns out!




Fixing the Unsubscribe Issue!

Hi all!

I have gotten a response from the WordPress Gods!! YAY!

They say that the subscribe option on my blog should only be accessible to others wordpress bloggers (which I didn’t know).

For a wordpresser to unsubscribe, they should go here:

They also said however that the subscriber could also “click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email”. I HAD specified there was apparently no such link and have responded to Support’s email reiterating that.

If you are a wordpresser, this link should work. If there is anyone who is having this issue who is NOT a wordpresser, please let me know! Support is going on the premise that the only folks able to subscribe are folks who have WordPress blogs themselves.

Let me also mention that any large batches of notifications have been that my long absence required me to approve a HUGE number of comments all in one shot. This should not be an ongoing thing.

Thanks to everyone for understanding the inevitable glitches of cyberspace! LOL!! Let me know if there are anymore issues!


Yay! My return to the blogosphere!

As is perfectly obvious, it’s been a long time since I have posted. My father’s health has been deteriorating and my focus has been on RL and my family. Obviously, I have been visiting the internet, but I have been shying away from writing my thoughts, y’know?

Well, things have evened out a little – he is not getting better, but our family has changed gears and we are focussing now on enjoying our time together instead of frantically trying to stave off the inevitable. It’s still stressful, but it’s a different kind of stress – and has allowed an emotional equilibrium.

I am, frankly, OVERWHELMED by the comments waiting for me! I had no idea so many people found my posting helpful!
I am going to be approving them all to get them up, and reply as I can.

I have finally been doing a little more fructmal baking, I have had two of my crochet patterns published in magazines, my hubby took me to see EDDIE IZZARD LIVE IN VANCOUVER ( !!!!!!!!!!!! ), so I have some posting to do!
Rather than subject everyone to a couple of teal deer (LOL) I will break them up over the next couple of days.

Thanks for all your interest!

Dad home from hospital and doing much better..

I would like to thank everyone for all their continued interest in my blog, and apologize for being missing in action. This time it has not been my tendonitis (which has actually been doing rather well), but real life that has kept me away…

My Dad went into the hospital with his fourth heart attack. He then had a fifth and sixth heart attack while in the hospital. Our community hospital decided to send him to a larger city centre, so he was ambulanced five hours to the nearest big city hospital.

He was supposed to get an angiogram and then an angioplasty… well after days and days of every test OTHER than an angiogram – they decided they need to do surgery on his three aneurysms!

He tried to explain that we’d addressed this issue years ago, and an expert in Vancouver had told him NEVER to have surgery…. but this was difficult for him to explain – he was head injured in 1979 and isn’t good with details, dates and those specific particulars that doctors like – AND he’s 75, so they didn’t listen to him and kept pressuring him that the aneurysms needed surgery and they were “pretty sure he’d be okay”!!! AAaaahh!

With none of us there, my family was communicating with doctors over the phone – Dad was alone there – they STILL hadn’t done the angiogram that had apparently been SOOOO important that they ambulanced him all that way for it….. it has been very stressful and anxious for all of us.

Dad finally said to blazes with all of it – I’m checking myself out of here and going home… my brother and his wife drove there to get him … and now he has nitro spray and a prayer!

Needless to say, my blog has received less attention. BUT! he’s home, he’s taking it easy, and everything’s going to be okay, right?

I am going to be responding to my backlog of comments as batches, and will respond to everyone in as timely a manner now as possible!

Thanks for your interest everyone,

Cloudy Christmas with fructmal

Wow, I have to say I have been overwhelmed recently by all the comments on my blog – particularly the “What is Fructose Malabsorption Disorder?” page! I feel I do need to emphasize that I am NOT a health care professional, just a hardware store cashier that has been suffering with this for a long time and has been able to network with others and educate myself (despite all the misinformation and cr*p out there!).

I have recently discovered that I am not notified everytime someone comments on my blog – I only get a notification the first time someone comments. Once I approve them they can comment without my being notified! Which means some people have been thinking I was ignoring them!
I am trying to redo my settings… hopefully I can fix this so that I always know when someone is awaiting a response!

On other notes….
I have been going through a few bad days lately. Last week I found myself at work with no packed lunch. Normally I would go to one of three nearby places where I could get an edible lunch – either a raw veggie wrapped in veggie leather, a quinoa edamame salad or a rice noodle and shredded carrot salad. Regrettably, all these options are NOT CHEAP and I had a $5 bill and no bank card! ~sigh~
I only get 30 minutes so I can’t stray far and wide searching for food. I broke down and got a microwavable stew – thickened with enriched wheat flour. blech – It was not very palatable (though a BIG brand beginning with “C” and ending with ” ‘s”) and I have been SICK.
Flatulence, skin breakouts, scatterbraining ALL over the place! I have been joking with my customers that I’m flailing around and telling myself I’m “multi-tasking”! LOL!! I haven’t been sleeping well and have been what I call “cloudy”.

I don’t like to call depressed “depressed”. I try to remind myself that this feeling that I’m pathetic and useless and I don’t even know why my husband stays with me and should know better and do better and work harder and be prettier and no matter how hard I try I will never be strong or good or talented or special, just stupid and ugly and useless….. I try and remember that it’s just clouds, passing over the sun. The sun isn’t gone; it’s still shining brightly and beautifully in a clear blue sky… just behind the clouds. Clouds don’t stay forever. They always drift away eventually and it’s sunny again. Clouds don’t stay, the clouds will go away, I’m feeling cloudy but I will feel sunny again… I just have to keep going. Get out in the sunshine. Have a warm, comforting shower. Don’t watch the news or cop shows, watch Rescue Ink or Stargate Atlantis. Something light and positive and keep the faith.

Christmas is coming. Normally I am Miss OMG-New-Ornaments!!!-Tree-Dorky-Antler-Headgear-YAY! This year decorating was a chore that took me five days of plugging away, occasionally stopping to eat, go for a walk, stop the downward spiral of cloudy thoughts about how I should be done and how I’m so behind and I’m just a stupid idiot every year and why did I think I could make my house look pretty when I have no taste and I suck and…blah blah blah. I showered again – just stood under the warm water really, and gave myself permission to cry. Big, ugly, snotty-nose cry. I ended up bent over with one hand on the shower wall and one on my knee wailing in heaved… like I was emotionally vomiting.
Well. The tree is up. I put the empty garland boxes and light boxes away. My husband will vacuum.

I hate wheat.


I’m still here!

Hi there!

Just thought I would post a quick note to assure the Universe that I am still here! RL has been… well, a bit of a personal bear lately, preventing me from posting.
I have been trying to catch up on comments and emails and I want to thank everyone who has contacted me! I AM responding, thanks for your patience and I’m hoping all this weirdness ends soon and I can return to my online world 😉


Xmas was insane, but I love the tree….


My insane Christmas season is over and this insane winter will soon be over! We were almost completely snowed in twice! Aaah!

I feel horrible about not posting, but I have thrown myself into writing and crocheting so I don’t feel TOTALLY bad!

My novel is finally moving forward. It sucks – but that’s okay. I keep reminding myself that the important thing is to get SOMETHING on paper. A blank page cannot be edited – or so they say – so blankness be gone!

I have also been trying to put the revamped fructmal website together – writing the html myself from scratch – yes… that means no “frontpage” no wysiwygs… just notepad. Ugh!
I think making all the pages of the wordpress would be easier – then people can comment on all the articles, recipes, etc.
So now I have to redo it all – again.

I have yet to take down my Christmas tree…this happens every year. I just adore it too much! BUT, I did promise my sweetie it would be down before Valentine’s Day…. so I’d better do it soon!