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Eating on the Road!

Aaargh! Just – LITERALLY – just got back from a three day sojourn with my DH… embarked upon it with less than a day’s notice, but was well worth it!

Once a year, a friend of mine I went to school with since – oh god! Grade three? Yes! Grade Three right through to grad – she comes back from Toronto to see her family. This is my chance to see her and I take it whenever I can!

DH and I drove down to my hometown (about 5 to 6 hours) Friday, camped there, spent Saturday afternoon with her, camped, then drove back today. I got a new outfit – GORGEOUS (which DH chose) – yarn for my crocheting (from a yarn store in the CITY!! Squee!!!) and got to see my friend!

DH got….. a road trip and my eternal devotion and gratitude.

So, I get a lot of posts asking what I eat, so this is it – no great recipes…. it was a quick road trip with hastily thrown-together camping gear!

We drank coffees in the car – had bottled water – and MEANT to bring a bag of baby carrots for munching! But you-know-who (yes, moi) forgot them.
Sunflower seeds are good too.
If you don’t forget them ….. well, they’re still good if you forget them – they’re just good in the ABSTRACT, which is less fun.

Lunch on the road at a Mom & Pop type diner (hit those if you can – very often food is homemade and they actually KNOW what’s in it)! I had chicken rice soup (I was assured it had no wheat – and it did not bother me) and a side of fries.
(I do fries a LOT on the road because potatoes like me and every restaurant has them. Some fructmals can’t do potato. Follow your own body’s dictates. We are all different.)
Coffee and ice water to drink.

Supper at the campsite was a tad pathetic. We forgot a lot of stuff at home, it was getting dark quickly and we were very tired.
Western Family brand beef patties. Ingredients: Beef.
Yep. We even had to salt and pepper it ourselves – s & p we procured at Wendy’s on the way to the campsite, since we FORGOT the s & p – so we bought fries as an excuse to raid the condiments station.
Sorry Wendy’s.
You have good fries, though!
……….. where was I? Aaha! Burger patties and rice. With tea to drink.
I told you it was pathetic.

Breakfast was eggs and – we forgot the bacon – so we chopped up the smoked turkey (which HAD to be eaten SOON) and tossed in the leftover rice for breakfast turkey fried rice (seasoned courtesy of Wendy’s.). DH cannot believe I am admitting this stuff on a blog. LOL!

We had lunch at a restaurant called Montana’s. I had the Garden Salad – hold the croutons and their “side order” of two skewers of garlic butter grilled shrimp (three shrimp per skewer). I asked for the garlic lemon vinaigrette on the side. I tried a touch and it seemed okay. If in doubt, just ask for a cruet of vinegar and a cruet of olive oil. Add salt and pepper (you won’t have to raid a Wendy’s for it – just use what’s on your table!).

Supper was DH and I and my school chum. She suggested a mexican place we used to go to – for old time’s sake. I was VERY relieved as hard tacos work for me. All the hard tacos I have so far encountered have been corn flour. No wheat! I am good with corn in moderation, so it was hard tacos, with those little potato things that are shaped like corks… tater tots? The restaurant has a catchy texi-mexi name for them but they’re just tater tots. Coffee, water, hot sauce, talking about old times!

Breakfast was eggs and cereal (I DIDN’T FORGET IT! YAY ME!) and tea as well (DH is Irish). Lunch on the drive home was at a pub in downtown Revelstoke. Beautiful place! I got the Grilled Chicken Bacon cheeseburger and the ubiquitous fries (y’know it only took me two tries to spell ubiquitous!?!) – hold the bun.
Coffee and ice water again.

DH and I shared an ice cream. My tolerance for sucrose is better than before and I can indulge a little again. DH has a gallstone, so he enjoys the cone more than the ice cream – so it’s a symbiotic thing. I get a little ice cream, he gets a little ice cream and the cone!

Well, not very exciting, kinda embarrassing for me actually, but I figure no one eats in ideal circumstances all the time, right? We all have to eat crappy and/or repetitive food on the road sometimes. We all need to figure out something when we’re hungry and the only place to eat it not ideal.



Thank You Twisted Tomato!

Just a quick shout of thanks to a GREAT restaurant!!

If your travels bring any of you, as they have me, to Nelson BC, eat at the Twisted Tomato!

My hubby and I were there the other night because they have Gluten Free pizza crusts (made with white rice flour) and gluten free pasta!

I had the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza (hold the onions). It was FANTASTIC! I’ve missed pizza SO much!! The crust was thin, tender, and terrific! Even my hubby agreed! Thought about taking a photo with my phone – but that would’ve involved stopping eating!

I saved three pieces for the next day – as I’ve always LOVED cold pizza. I wanted to see how the crust stood up to a day in the fridge. The answer? Great! This is now going to be a fave for me when I’m in Nelson, and apparently they’re opening in nearby Trail!

I haven’t tried they’re pasta yet, I’ll blog when I do!


Cloudy Christmas with fructmal

Wow, I have to say I have been overwhelmed recently by all the comments on my blog – particularly the “What is Fructose Malabsorption Disorder?” page! I feel I do need to emphasize that I am NOT a health care professional, just a hardware store cashier that has been suffering with this for a long time and has been able to network with others and educate myself (despite all the misinformation and cr*p out there!).

I have recently discovered that I am not notified everytime someone comments on my blog – I only get a notification the first time someone comments. Once I approve them they can comment without my being notified! Which means some people have been thinking I was ignoring them!
I am trying to redo my settings… hopefully I can fix this so that I always know when someone is awaiting a response!

On other notes….
I have been going through a few bad days lately. Last week I found myself at work with no packed lunch. Normally I would go to one of three nearby places where I could get an edible lunch – either a raw veggie wrapped in veggie leather, a quinoa edamame salad or a rice noodle and shredded carrot salad. Regrettably, all these options are NOT CHEAP and I had a $5 bill and no bank card! ~sigh~
I only get 30 minutes so I can’t stray far and wide searching for food. I broke down and got a microwavable stew – thickened with enriched wheat flour. blech – It was not very palatable (though a BIG brand beginning with “C” and ending with ” ‘s”) and I have been SICK.
Flatulence, skin breakouts, scatterbraining ALL over the place! I have been joking with my customers that I’m flailing around and telling myself I’m “multi-tasking”! LOL!! I haven’t been sleeping well and have been what I call “cloudy”.

I don’t like to call depressed “depressed”. I try to remind myself that this feeling that I’m pathetic and useless and I don’t even know why my husband stays with me and should know better and do better and work harder and be prettier and no matter how hard I try I will never be strong or good or talented or special, just stupid and ugly and useless….. I try and remember that it’s just clouds, passing over the sun. The sun isn’t gone; it’s still shining brightly and beautifully in a clear blue sky… just behind the clouds. Clouds don’t stay forever. They always drift away eventually and it’s sunny again. Clouds don’t stay, the clouds will go away, I’m feeling cloudy but I will feel sunny again… I just have to keep going. Get out in the sunshine. Have a warm, comforting shower. Don’t watch the news or cop shows, watch Rescue Ink or Stargate Atlantis. Something light and positive and keep the faith.

Christmas is coming. Normally I am Miss OMG-New-Ornaments!!!-Tree-Dorky-Antler-Headgear-YAY! This year decorating was a chore that took me five days of plugging away, occasionally stopping to eat, go for a walk, stop the downward spiral of cloudy thoughts about how I should be done and how I’m so behind and I’m just a stupid idiot every year and why did I think I could make my house look pretty when I have no taste and I suck and…blah blah blah. I showered again – just stood under the warm water really, and gave myself permission to cry. Big, ugly, snotty-nose cry. I ended up bent over with one hand on the shower wall and one on my knee wailing in heaved… like I was emotionally vomiting.
Well. The tree is up. I put the empty garland boxes and light boxes away. My husband will vacuum.

I hate wheat.


Tendonitis better – Fructmal-friendly treats – SciAm article

My tendonitis behaving VERY well (thanks to this wonderful gizmo my sweetie bought me), so I’ve been working through my accumulated emails and wordpress responses! I apologize to anyone who has written and thinks I dropped off the planet – I just dropped off the ‘Net for awhile!

I wanted to draw attention to a great article in Scientific American on Celiac Disease. You can read it online here.

Though Celiac and Fructmal are very different, the article paints a hopeful picture for all of us with food intolerances. The article explains the advancements and new ways of thinking currently moving science forward in the way they look at food intolerances and their relationship to many ailments and symptoms that would seem unrelated. The article may be about celiac, but the shift in scientific & medical thinking was a really positive and hopeful sign to me as a Fructmal.

The the foody side, I recently discovered two new foods. Jordan’s brand Morning Crisp cereal and Glutino brand Pretzels.

There are a couple of varieties of Jordan’s Morning Crisp. My local grocery store had the “nut” kind. Sweet oat clusters and big chunks of nuts! Almond, hazelnuts, pecans… no wheat! They recently replaced it on the shelf though with the FRUIT and nut type… I’m going to see about THAT!! HA! I loved the cereal and had no reaction to it.

The Glutino pretzels were also delicious. Taste just like regular, ordinary pretzels! Turns out I can’t continue eating them – but not for Fructmal reasons…totally unrelated. I am particularly sensitive to carboxymethyl cellulose. I get heart palpatations – and the Glutino pretzels contain it. But if you aren’t sensitive to it (carboxymethyl cellulose is in all “freeze-pop” type frozen treats, for example) then GREAT! Taste, texture, small, all match the “real” pretzel experience!

Well, gotta go. Still can’t over do it~


As my fructose malabsorption has given me a food sensitivity to wheat, spelt and kamut, I have been trying to look on it as an opportunity to expand my grain horizons. Quinoa, however, has proved intimidating. Don’t know why really. The local co-op deli usually has some kind of cold quinoa salad that I always end up liking, and my mother has been making tabouli salad with quinoa FOREVER.

Well, last time I was wandering through the health food store I picked up a “brand name” packet of quinoa. I’d always seen it in bulk before with no instructions or guidance. This had the directions of how to cook it on the box and handy-dandy recipe suggestions…..and it just clicked for me!

One cup of quinoa to two cups of water in a pot – cover and bring to boil, then reduce to simmer until all water is gone.

That’s rice.

I can cook rice!!!!

The last two rice dishes I’ve done now – a spicy Spanish Rice thing and rice & chili, I substituted half the rice with quinoa. Just put them in the pot together and cooked them together with salt and pepper and butter in the water.

Came out a DREAM! My sweetie liked it too! YAY!!

If you eat rice, try quinoa – just throw some in with your rice. It cooks at the exact same rate, in the exact same way.

Happy, happy,


Fructose Malabsorption Website now up!!

Well, I decided to do something about the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a Fructose Malabsorption website out there!

Fructose Malabsorption website

It’s very simple right now, but I look forward to photos, recipes (rather than just links!), more links to it and more links from it!  If you have something to add, even just a suggestion or a comment, let me know!

Further on the wheat-free front, the sandwich bread and pizza rounds I got from Kinnikinnick Foods are AWESOME!!  I very much recommend them!

I’m making the White Cake  Mix tonight!  Review and pics to come!