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Thank You Twisted Tomato!

Just a quick shout of thanks to a GREAT restaurant!!

If your travels bring any of you, as they have me, to Nelson BC, eat at the Twisted Tomato!

My hubby and I were there the other night because they have Gluten Free pizza crusts (made with white rice flour) and gluten free pasta!

I had the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza (hold the onions). It was FANTASTIC! I’ve missed pizza SO much!! The crust was thin, tender, and terrific! Even my hubby agreed! Thought about taking a photo with my phone – but that would’ve involved stopping eating!

I saved three pieces for the next day – as I’ve always LOVED cold pizza. I wanted to see how the crust stood up to a day in the fridge. The answer? Great! This is now going to be a fave for me when I’m in Nelson, and apparently they’re opening in nearby Trail!

I haven’t tried they’re pasta yet, I’ll blog when I do!



Happy Canada Day! Like jazz…..?

Well, this has nothing to do with writing or Fructose Malabsorption Disorder…. this has to do with being a happy and proud Canadian on Canada Day, and wanting to share my sister’s awesome singing with the world!

My Gorgeous Sis, Claire:


My sister Claire is the vocalist for the jazz band Playmore Junction, and they played at the park today for the Canada Day celebrations! I have uploaded Claire singing “Georgia on my Mind” and “Fever”.

Both fantastic! You go girl!

(pardon the shaky camera work at the beginning…I was trying to balance the Coolpix on my knee! Yes! AVT – Ace photographer!

Georgia on my Mind:


Tonight, there’ll be fireworks!

I think I’ll edit this post tomorrow to include them as well!

Happy Canada Day!!



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