Celimix, Almond Milk, gluten-free Safeway…

I had a rather delightful DUH! moment today!

My sweetie and I do almost all our grocery shopping at Safeway. Most things are more expensive, but the lighting is largely incandescent, the music is quiet, the store is clean and they have an awesome selection of organic food – not just produce but soups, pasta sauce, frozen stuff – you name it.

Why, why, why then was I surprised today to find they have had gluten-free bakery stuff all this time and I didn’t realize it? The Safeway bakery department has a wall of glass cabinets displaying fancy cakes and the like. Next to it is an upright freezer with boxes of frozen creampuffs, tartlet shells..AND A BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF I NEVER BOTHERED TO LOOK AT!!

hmmmm…. I wonder what those could be?

Here’s a clue: when gluten-free bread is baked, you always slice it as soon as it’s cooled and store it IN THE FREEZER! That’s right! My local Safeway has gluten-free bread, cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, pizza rounds…all from an Alberta company called Kinnikinnik.

YAY!!!! I bought bread and small pizza rounds!

I also found a new gluten-free mix at the health food store called Celimix brand. That had a zillion different kinds, and they don’t seem to rely on chickpea flour as much as Bob’s Red Mill does (which makes everything taste just a little like green beans). I bought the Hamburger bun mix – I’d like to give it a test run before BBQ season! Also, it uses very few ingredients, so maybe I’ll be able to recreate it from scratch!!

My mom has been telling everyone since the 1970’s that our diets were too restricted and all that wheat, peanuts, corn and soy was a bad idea. She has always advocated organic food and avoiding additives. I never SAW a cakemix or Jello or anything like that until I was an adult! Needless to say, she has quite the collection of cookbooks! She has lent me The All Natural Allergy Cookbook – Dairy-free and Gluten-free by Jeanne Marie Martin (1991) and The Food Intolerance Diet Book by E. Workman, Dr. V. Alun Jones, and Dr. J. Hunter (1986).

They both look really promising! The Carob/Chocolate cake looks very do-able and requires milk substitute. Though I have no problem with milk, I bought Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze almond milk. I want to make it according to the recipe before messing with it.

I think I need something to WORK to boost my ego!




5 responses to “Celimix, Almond Milk, gluten-free Safeway…

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you found all that stuff! It’s funny sometimes how we miss what’s right in front of us.

    Turns out I was wrong about the potato flour. I have 2 recipes that say equal amounts of rice, potato and arrowroot flours or equal amounts of rice, potato, arrowroot and maize cornflour (not wheaten, cornstarch) plus a little xanthan or guar gum should be good. I haven’t tried them though but now you have one that’s not beany….I look forward to the cake!

  2. Thanks for the info on the flours!
    You’re awesome!
    ….oh, and I had a sandwich with the Kinnikinnik bread yesterday. A little baking soda-y, but all in all good!

  3. bonjour je voudrait savoir comment que je peu commendez chez vous pour vos produits sans gluten(gluten free) et sans lait (milk free) merci je parle seulement en francais

  4. Bonjour Sylvain!

    I will respond to your comment in English and in French (using internet translators like Babelfish).
    Je rĂ©pondrai Ă  votre commentaire en anglais et en français (utilisant des traducteurs d’Internet comme Babelfish).

    My french is very bad, and I need to use online translating websites. When I use a translating site to read your message, I does not make sense in English. I do not understand! I’m sorry!
    Mon Français est très mauvais, et je dois employer traduire en ligne des sites Web. Quand j’emploie un emplacement de traduction pour lire votre message, I ne semble pas raisonnable en anglais. Je ne comprends pas ! Je suis dĂ©solĂ© !

    I hope you will leave another message. Perhaps you can describe your question in a new or different way. I hope you can say the same thing differently. I welcome your comment!
    J’espère que vous laisserez un autre message. Peut-ĂŞtre vous pouvez dĂ©crire votre question d’une nouvelle ou diffĂ©rente manière. J’espère que vous pouvez dire la mĂŞme chose diffĂ©remment. Je fais bon accueil Ă  votre commentaire !

    I hope you write again soon!
    J’espère que vous Ă©crivez encore bientĂ´t!


  5. A nutritional cosultant working with my family dr. has suggested that the reason for my chronic diarrhea may be fructose malabsorption, and that I should try a fructose/fructans restricted diet for 6 weeks. Through reading, I can see how complex this would be, and I’d like to get tested (Fructose Hydrogen Breath Test) before trying the diet.
    Do you know where I can get the test done. I live in Calgary, and Calgary Labs don’t do it, they referred me to the GI Clinic of the U of C at the Foothills Hospital, but they only do the test with Glucose or Lactose. My gastroenterologist doesn’t know, and has lost interest in me since all the tests/colonoscopies/gastro follow through since this diarrhea started (8 years ago) have come up negative. Reading how common this ailment seems to be, I’m surprised that no one does the test.

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